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Seb's Schools Project

India is a country with millions of bright young people. But whilst some children in India have good educational opportunities, the majority of those living in India's rural and tribal areas go to schools that teach only through repetition, studying in classrooms that are falling apart. Unsurprisingly, too many drop out or do not graduate.

At Seb's we believe that every child should have a fun, exciting and full education- no matter where they come from. Through adopting schools that are struggling in rural areas where children often drop out or are pushed into labour before they are 14, we seek to make education more than just learning letters and numbers- we seek to make it an exciting start to life! 


The more we grow, the more we can do together. If you'd like to sponsor a project or fundraise to help, we'd love to chat with you about it!

Our projects are crying out for volunteers- from setting up a library to training teachers in new ways- we're sure there's something everyone can do!

We have a dream of reaching out to children struggling with poor education all over India. To read more about how we plan to make this happen just click here!


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