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Every child has a dream of what they want to be when they grow up. And we believe lack of access to education should not stand in the way of that dream.

When students from our tribal and rural schools graduate to higher secondary school and eventually college, they often face the challenge of not having the funds to stay outside the the forest to attend a school that can bring out the best in them.

That's why Seb's Projects India conduct need assesment surveys in our target areas every year, working with our teachers to find the best schools to cater for our graduates and  partnering with people all over the world to raise the funds for families who cannot afford to pay for their children's hostel fees and education. 

A Helping Hand...

We currently have over 86 students who have graduated from our schools or assisted back into education by our Seb's team and are now studying in hostel schools and colleges across the region. Seb's staff identify donors, provide career counselling for students and personal support during their time in hostel schools and colleges, helping them organise necessary documentation and monitor their progress to ensure that they reach their full potential.

Meet some of our students...

These 3 young men, sitting with our Seb's Schools headmaster, Sampath, are some of Seb's greatest success stories. Born in Periyapannparai, they were sent to the plains to study in hostel schools before we started a primary school in their village. When Sampath came to Periyapannaparai, he started working with many of the out of school youth of the village to ensure that they had the chance to re-enter training or school if they wanted to.


Today, all 3 of these young men are training to be engineers, and are entering their second year of college.


Vignesh Kumar and Raj Kumar are studying Mechanical Engineering at Rasi Engineering College


Karthikeyan is studying EEE Engineering at Thiruvallur College, Vandavasi


These young men are the first from their village to study for a college degree, and are truly role models for the little ones in our school!

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