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where we work
  • Mother and child care centres (Balwadis)

  • Supporting regular health clinics in targeted villages in partnership with CMC Hospital

  • Case work for patients from tribal communities

  • Training of tribal youth as Community Nursing Assistants

  • Assistance in accessing funding schemes for tribal patients

  • Regular training sessions on community health issues

  • Monitoring development of children in our schools

  • Working with the government to ensure that all children in our target areas are immunized and other government health initiatives are implemented.

Everyone deserves basic health.

HEAL is a program that reaches into the forest and touches the lives of the Hindu Malayali tribal people that live there, supporting communities with clean drinking water sources and nutrition centres, and helping them access health facilities that save lives, without destroying their unique way of life.



HEAL works in the most remote, densely forested areas of the Jawadhi Hills tribal region in Tamil Nadu, where no medical services can reach. Anaemia, vitamin deficiency and malnutrition are the most common illnesses, often leading to severe issues such as blindness, cardiac problems and sometimes even death.


These communities live out of reach of government services and so, for many, access to basic nutrition and clean water is a distant dream. What they need are basic facilities to support health. That is why HEAL exists.

Our target areas stretch across the Jawadhi Hills providing health support to over 30 tribal hamlets. 

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